Local heroes for local need.

CASA Volunteers are just like you, everyday citizens of Maury County who care about children & families and understand the need to advocate for them when in need.

Local Stories

Success through dedication


Samantha’s mother died and her father terminated his parental rights as he said he could not care for her. She was first cared for by grandparents where she was sexually abused by two relatives. She went to live with an aunt who then could not handle her and she went back to the grandparents. CASA was made aware of this and contacted the Guardian ad litem (GAL) for the child. Together, they prepared an order for her to be moved to a safe placement. She was placed with four different foster families over the next few years. She had to have extensive therapeutic services and she had behavior and mental health issues. At a DCS team meeting with CASA present, Samantha was asked about an ideal home. At 13 years of age, everyone listened to her after the many homes she had been in already. This was so important and the CASA persevered and advocated, helping to review various options and prospective homes. The CASA was able to give detailed attention to all 10 foster family applications and the CASA pointed out a family in another state who had already adopted two girls with challenges much like those of Samantha. The CASA advocated and never gave up for Samantha. Tennessee and the other state allowed for a trial home visit. This was a ‘match’ for Samantha and this new family for her! In the summer of last year, the CASA got to attend the adoption of Samantha surrounded by her new family and a great extended family full of support. Everyone including Samantha had big smiles!

Love through trauma

Jared and Quam

CASA was reappointed to a case after Jared and Quam had been moved back and forth between family members during the year.  They landed back with their mother, but unfortunately, she had experienced great trauma as she grew up and battled mental health issues for years. It was a dangerous and unsafe environment for them all. The boys were placed with foster parents who gave them great love and helped them achieve stability while CASA advocated for the services they so desperately needed.  This family knew, due to their age, they would not be able to adopt the boys. CASA was able to meet a family who attended church with the original foster family. They made a connection with the children and became the pre-adoptive home. CASA went to visit the home during a trial visit and the foster mother was helping Jared with homework when the CASA arrived. Quam was excited to see the CASA and show his toys and his room.  They both called the foster mother “mommy” and when telling the family they looked so happy, Quam told the CASA, “I am, I really am!”   

Consistency through change


For several years, Stanley has resided in a residential treatment facility to address his history of sexual abuse, abandonment, multiple childhood disruptions, and the resulting emotional struggles. One of three children, he has a sibling who is over 18 and the other sibling with a family member. He has lost touch with the only family he has ever known except his mother visits him occasionally. He wants to be with her, but she has continued drug abuse and lacks any stability with her permanency plan.

Since entering state custody, Stanley has had 8 placements, attended 7 schools, had 4 DCS case workers, many therapists, and 3 guardians ad litems; but the consistency for him has been CASA.  

Stanley desperately needs a loving family committed to participating in his therapy, preparing him to meet the challenges of adolescence, and supporting him as he reintegrates into the community. His CASA continues to advocate and persevere to make this happen for Stanley. Thank goodness for CASA!

We need people like you.

More advocates are needed to serve all the children in Maury County who need one. Most CASA volunteers have no experience with law or social work: they’re just people like you who care about children and families in our community.