Most young people have at least one adult they can rely on. They have someone who is always there to listen to them, to watch them, and to help them successfully navigate the world. For most kids, parents fill that role. For others, it is a loving grandparent, a compassionate aunt, or a favorite uncle. Every child deserves a reliable adult who looks out for their best interest. Unfortunately, for the abused and neglected children in the juvenile courts, this is the very thing they are missing.

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteers are adults from every walk of life who step up to fill this role. Appointed by the juvenile court judge to be the independent eyes and ears of the court, a CASA volunteer watches over and advocates for a child until the child is placed in a safe permanent home. For volunteers, CASA is a life-changing experience that makes a difference in our community.


If you are interested in volunteering with CASA of Maury County, download our CASA Volunteer Application. CASA volunteers come from all walks of life. The main requirement is a genuine desire to make a positive impact in a child’s life.