Wish List

The children our CASA volunteers serve are just regular children who enjoy the same things many other children enjoy. Many times we would like to make a special ‘extra’ available to the children and youth we serve or to our volunteers to assist them with travel to and from a visit. In addition, our program is always grateful for office supplies that can assist us in accomplishing our mission. The following is a suggestion of ways to help support the program. If you have a suggestion, do not hesitate to give us a call at (931) 381-4733 or email jeanine.denney@casaofmaurycounty.org if you are able to donate any of these items to our CASA of Maury County program.


Discount coupons or gift certificates for youth needs or outings: Movie, sports and entertainment, museum passes or memberships, restaurants, bookstores, clothing stores, housewares, etc.


Gift Cards: for places like Walmart or Target. While in foster care, birthdays and Christmas may not be celebrated in the same way. The opportunity to purchase a gift for the children can bring some normalcy to an otherwise abnormal time.


Gas cards: Because of the lack of available foster homes in Maury County, some of the children on our caseload reside outside the county in areas throughout the state. However, our volunteers continue to meet with these children regularly despite the added expense.


Office Supplies: To keep our program running, we are always in need of copy paper, blue ink pens, 3 inch binders for case files, manila file folders, paper clips, rubber bands, post-it notes and water bottles for trainings and visits to our office.