Our Success

With the help of a CASA volunteer, we hope that children will be better equipped to overcome the trauma of the foster care system safely, emotionally, quickly and effectively. Here are some of the ways a Court Appointed Special Advocate can makes a difference in the life of an abused or neglected child in the foster care system:




  • Children in the court system can move from foster home to foster home an average of 6.6 times. With the help of a CASA, children can experience less trauma by reducing that number to an average 3.9 moves. In addition, children with a CASA volunteer are substantially less likely to spend time in long-term foster care.



  • A child is twice as likely to receive the counseling needed to treat serious issues due to abuse and neglect with a CASA advocating on their behalf.
  • A child with a CASA volunteer has a consistent, responsible adult presence. Our CASA volunteers visit with each child they work with a minimum of once per month to talk with the child about his/her progress.
  • Children in the court system with a CASA volunteer perform better in school than their peers in the court system without a CASA volunteer. They are more likely to pass all courses which can be a tremendous feat considering the number of schools they may have attended while in foster care. They are also less likely to have poor conduct in school and less likely to be expelled.



  • Children spend an average of 23 months in the foster care system. With a CASA advocate overseeing the process, the time can be reduced to an average of 15 months.



  • CASA volunteers dedicate approximately 6,000 hours a year filling a critical need for a child in an overburdened court system. These hours are valued at over $132,000 contribution to CASA of Maury County.
  • Cases with a CASA are more likely to be permanently closed by finding a safe and permanent home so children do not re-enter the system.


So far in 2018 CASA of Maury County has…

  • Served 231 children who were abused or neglected (FY ending 6/30/2018)
  • 17 CASAs advocated on behalf of children so far in FY 2019 (as of 12/2018)
  • As of November 28, 2018, 15 new CASAs have been trained and sworn in since August 2018
  • 19 cases were closed in the 1st quarter of FY 2019 (as of 10/31/2018) with 100% of CASA recommendations
  • Celebrated “heroic” CASA Volunteers on Thursday, November 8, with a wonderful appreciation event at the home of Beth and Judge Bobby Sands.