At CASA of Maury County, we envision an end to the cycle of child abuse and neglect in Maury County through the use of trained CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteers. We want each and every child to grow up in a loving, stable, and safe home.


Achieving our vision would mean that children in Maury County perform better in school, have improved emotional and physical health, are able to take advantage of services aimed at healing from abuse/neglect as well as opportunities to improve their lives so they may grow to be secure, stable and healthy adults. It would mean that parents become empowered and are supported in developing their parenting skills so they can re-establish stable homes and nurturing families with their children.


We want children in our community to grow up feeling grounded, secure, and safe. In our Vision, children have guidance and access to therapeutic services, consistent educational opportunities, and support in a permanent placement so they don’t get “lost” in the system. We know that this will give them a better chance of ending the cycle of abuse and neglect when they are adults.


We hope for a world in which those who abuse children do not have access to them, where babies are not born addicted to substance abusing parents, and where no child is unwanted or neglected. We want the community to understand the benefits of each child having a CASA volunteer to advocate for therapeutic services and permanency.


Our vision is for our organization to change the world, one child at a time.



The Goal of the TN CASA network is to provide a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) for all abused and neglected children in the state who need one by 2020.

CASA of Maury County has a mission to provide a court appointed volunteer advocate to every child abused and neglected child that comes to the attention of the juvenile court in Maury County. We strive to ensure that every child is placed in a safe, permanent, nurturing home as quickly as possible with therapeutic services to help them reach their full potential.


CASA of Maury County has developed a list of values that we wish to be reflected in everything we do – from how we serve the children we serve to our decisions about operational priorities. They are how we want our community, our partners, our funders, and our service users to experience their interactions with us. The following nine values guide CASA of Maury County in our work:

  • Accountable –We will be accountable for the decisions we make for the children we serve and for using the funds that are given to us to do this important work in our community.
  • Creative – We will be creative in identifying available services and support systems for the children and families we serve.
  • Optimistic – We will be optimistic in seeking solutions to child abuse in our community.
  • Trustworthy – We will be trustworthy by preparing our volunteers to provide fact-based, thoughtful recommendations. We will display integrity in our actions by being honest and truthful in our interactions with children, families, court, attorneys, donors, and other service providers. We will be honest in our interactions with the community served.
  • Commitment to Success – We are committed to success for each child to be free of re-abuse and/or neglect. We will conduct ourselves in a professional manner by acting in a timely and respectful manner towards those with which we interact. We will be competent by thoroughly researching and being continually eager to learn so that our approach is not stagnant.
  • Local – We will be local by investing funds received to impact the children of Maury County.
  • Collaborative – We will be collaborative by recognizing the value of other opinions expressed and by seeking to incorporate other perspectives.
  • Responsive – We will be responsive to the concerns of the children, court, and community.
  • Compassionate – We will be compassionate in addressing the child’s best interest by remaining mindful of the difficulty and delicacy of situations faced. We will be caring by displaying concern for the children and families we serve.